3 Ways LED Lighting Improves Safety for Oilfield Operations

3 Ways LED Lighting Improves Safety for Oilfield Operations

Do you have concerns about the lighting on your oilfield operations? Some hazards come from inadequate lighting on the job site. You can also expose yourself to harmful materials without using LED lighting. These are three ways LED lighting improves safety for oilfield operations.

LED Lighting Improves Visibility

The orange glow from conventional lighting fixtures makes it challenging to distinguish obstacles and objects. Poor visibility is the leading cause of falls, slips, and trips on the job site. The second leading cause of falls is becoming injured from coming in contact with equipment and other objects on the job sites.

LEDs increase productivity and create a crisp, clear environment so workers can stay safe and work effectively. Proper lighting keeps employees alert and engaged at work because the bright lights mimic the sunlight.

Poor lighting also affects workers’ moods, energy, and alertness. A worker could end up causing a harmful or deadly situation because of the lighting.

Less Routine Maintenance

One headache of conventional bulbs on job sites is that they frequently fail because of high vibration. Changing these bulbs sets workers up for additional risks such as falls and fires, and leaving the burnt-out bulbs creates hazardous conditions for workers due to poor visibility. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Any tasks that require a manlift, ladders, or elevation ups the risk of fall and injury. Investing in LED lighting means longer-lasting bulbs and fewer chances of workers injuring themselves by changing the burnt-out lights.

No Hazardous Material Exposure

LEDs don’t contain the hazardous materials that HPS lamps include. Did you know that each HPS lamp has 10 to 50 milligrams of mercury? That’s enough to poison a classroom full of children. How scary is that? Many people don’t think about the risk of exposure from these bulbs, though it’s more common than you’d imagine.

Upgrading your job site to efficient LED lighting is one way you can help prevent hazardous material exposure, provide adequate visibility, and ensure and improve employee safety.

C-MOR Energy Services can provide the proper oil rig lighting so your workers can benefit from the best. LED lighting is a wise investment considering all the benefits it provides in terms of safety.