5 Tips for Renting a Mobile Oilfield Light Tower

5 Tips for Renting a Mobile Oilfield Light Tower

Oil and gas job sites require optimal illumination. That’s why light towers offer on-site lighting with industrial-grade bulbs. Before renting a light tower for the site, keep some things in mind. Here are five tips for renting a mobile oilfield light tower that you should know!

Determine the Coverage You Need

Determining the coverage you need is the first step toward picking a light tower. Consider the work sites’ size and evaluate the footprint the tower illuminates. You should also think about the brightness levels needed in the field.

In most cases, oilfields need well-lit environments for workers to perform their jobs and prevent accidents. You want to ensure you select a tower that offers adequate lighting for the entire field.

Check the Mast Extension Capabilities

Height and rotation are important for mobile lighting towers because they determine maximum flexibility. Before renting a tower, check how high the mast can extend. Additionally, ensure the mast offers 360-degree rotation so you can tilt the lights. Whether day or night, you need a light tower that accommodates your work sites’ needs.

Select Your Preferred Lighting

An essential tip for renting a mobile oilfield light tower is to select your preferred lighting. Most portable light towers have metal halide lights. The bright, warm lights offer suitable illumination. However, they take time to warm up before they reach maximum efficiency. Halide lights also take time to cool down as they don’t turn off immediately.

Another lighting option is LED bulbs. The high-intensity, bright light is low-voltage and requires less energy than halides. They’re also long-lasting and environmentally friendly! Please note that LEDs are more expensive than metal halide lights but have instant turn-on and turn-off capabilities.

Understand the Power Choices

Power options for mobile light towers include generators, electrical outlets, diesel fuel, and solar-charged batteries. If you prefer generator-powered towers, you need a durable generator with enough power to control the lights.

With electric-powered towers, determine how much power the structure will draw from the work site’s electrical system. You want to ensure the system handles the tower and does not jeopardize the operation.

Diesel-fueled light towers have their own tanks. Large tanks ensure light runs longer with uninterrupted operation times. Be sure to make room for the diesel tanks.

Solar-powered towers have solar panels that light LED lamps. It’s critical to rent a system with movable panels to maximize the sunlight the tower receives.

Assess the Transportation Requirements

How will you transport the portable tower to the work site? Some towers sit on trailers that can travel on roads, highways, and off-road areas. Before renting the equipment, make sure the tower is towable. After all, workers need an accessible light tower for work sites.

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