Benefits of Using LED Light Towers Versus HID Lights

Benefits of Using LED Light Towers Versus HID Lights

Working in an oilfield isn’t for the faint of heart. There are so many hazards around, which is why these establishments should have the best safety protocols on hand. They also need the right equipment, like LED light towers. This article will discuss the benefits of LED light towers versus HID lights and convince you to make the switch today.

What Are HIDs?

An HID light is a high-intensity discharge lamp that generates light from an electric arc within a tube. Essentially, a mixture of mercury and metal halide salts produces the light inside the tube. When an HID light is turned on, the voltage pushes the starting electrode through the tube, ionizing the gas. Maintaining an HID light is hard work because the bulb must never go out. Likewise, the liquid in the tube can crystalize, causing major headaches.

Why Are LEDs Better?

For starters, maintenance for LEDs isn’t as intense. Since there are no harsh chemicals such as mercury being used, there’s no need to handle things so carefully. It’s also important to talk about efficiency. LEDs reach up to 80 percent efficiency, while HID lights only reach about 50 percent. Finally, HID lights have reflectors in them that make them blurrier. LEDs are much clearer, which is better for safety reasons.

This article has shown there are numerous benefits of LED light towers versus HID lights. One thing that has yet to be mentioned is that LEDs are better for the environment because they use fewer chemicals and less energy. Here at C-MOR Energy Services, we want you to have the most sustainable and safest job site possible. That’s why we offer superior oilfield light towers that’ll improve visibility and keep everyone injury-free. We’re dedicated to transforming the oilfield industry, and all we need are people like you to help us get started. So, check out our site today.