C-MOR™ Energy Services Acquires Location Illuminator Technologies


C-MOR Energy Services 

Jan 04, 2021, 08:00 ET

CODY, Wyo.Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — C-MOR™ Energy Services continues to expand its products and services throughout the world with the recent acquisition of Location Illuminator Technologies, LLC, an oilfield service company specializing in oilfield and drilling rig location lighting products in East Texas and Louisiana. The strategic acquisition will further increase C-MOR™ Energy Services‘ market share and intellectual property (“IP”) to complement its already long list of Patented Lighting Products.

Josh Allison, CEO of JCA Companies and C-MOR™ Energy Services, said, “The acquisition of LIT will not only increase our market share, but further strengthen our intellectual property. With multiple US patents granted, several patents pending domestically and dozens pending in foreign jurisdictions, C-MOR™ Energy Services continues to innovate as a commitment to our clients to improve oilfield safety, reduce costs and lower carbon emissions. Our IP has stood the test of time from numerous competitors, but our customization, safety standards and ability to fabricate in-house have really set us apart in terms of providing service and gaining market share. With this acquisition, we remain truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to innovative oilfield lighting products and IP.”

C-MOR’s revolutionary PATENTED CROWN LIGHT™ System includes an installed base with almost every major drilling contractor and operator in the world. C-MOR’s patented CROWN LIGHT™ System is the only one of its kind. The OSHA-approved CROWN LIGHT™ Systems are saving operators and drilling contractors millions annually, while helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve oilfield safety.

In addition to gaining engineering approval from almost every drilling contractor for installation on their rigs, C-MOR’s CROWN LIGHT™ Systems have been approved by the top 10 drilling contractors due to their one-of-a-kind design and attention to safety. With over 400 C-MOR CROWN LIGHT™ installations worldwide, customers rely on the C-MOR CROWN LIGHT™ to keep their drilling rigs and workover rigs well-lit and employees safe on oilfield locations. Operators and drilling contractors who have installed the C-MOR CROWN LIGHT™ System have not only cut lighting costs dramatically, but have improved safety and cut their carbon footprints. C-MOR’s CROWN LIGHT™ System is fully customizable and has undergone rigorous drop safe and engineering studies. The C-MOR CROWN LIGHT™ includes second and third safety retention measures and fits nearly every rig type in existence.

C-MOR’s newest creation, the GUARDIAN™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower, is the next level when it comes to lighting. The GUARDIAN™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower emits light over 150 yards in all directions from its base, preventing onsite accidents or the need for multiple standard halogen towers typically seen on locations. The GUARDIAN™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower is a completely customizable tower that provides site lighting coverage that exceeds that of 12 standard light towers. Its superior rugged design and professionally engineered construction allow it to withstand any terrain or weather while fully telescoped up to 60 feet.

Josh Allison said, “We are extremely fortunate to work with operators such as Conoco Phillips, Shell, Pioneer Natural Resources, EOG and XTO and others that truly do care about oilfield safety and reducing their carbon footprints. Furthermore, this focus on safety and reducing carbon emission is shared with drilling contractors we work with such as Nabors, H&P, Pioneer, Ensign, and Patterson. These companies and several others are really making technological strides to improve safety and reduce costs. It has been a pleasure lighting up their locations and rigs.”

C-MOR™ Energy Services is a full-service equipment rental and service company doing business in nearly every major oil basin in the world. C-MOR recognizes that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig has to be safe and cannot be a distraction from the drilling process. The goal at C-MOR™ Energy Services is to provide innovative and extremely well-built equipment along with service that is second to none.

Light towers used in the energy industry on drilling and production locations are becoming a thing of the past due to C-MOR’s CROWN LIGHT™. C-MOR’s system is truly a CROWN JEWEL℠ that offers competitive rental pricing, installation and repair services and bulk pricing discounts for fleet lighting system packages.


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