How LED Lighting Can Help Offshore Platforms

How LED Lighting Can Help Offshore Platforms

Offshore oil-mining platforms have some of the highest needs for safety and efficiency in the industry. As such, the lighting they use has a large impact on their overall success in each workday. Here, we’ll talk about how LED lighting can help offshore platforms and why you should consider them for your own station.

Enhancing the Level of Safety

Oil mining isn’t just a daytime job. With most of the country still counting on oil-powered machines and vehicles, professionals often work through the night to generate the required supply. But with the ocean crashing below the platform and the near total darkness after twilight, working in these areas poses a plethora of severe hazards. Fortunately, by equipping these rigs with quality LED lighting fixtures from C-MOR, you can provide clear visibility and protect your workers, even in the worst possible conditions.

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

Premium oil rig lighting products are also durable enough to withstand all manners of heavy weather, fire, and concussive force. This is because LEDs contain no moving parts, increasing their ability to bounce back from shock and fight off corrosion. As such, these products, on average only need a third of the amount of maintenance of other varieties, making our setups the best in the business at saving you time and money.

Increased Product Lifespan

Since LED lighting doesn’t need the same level of maintenance and repairs as other types of fixtures, they’ll also last you much longer. Often rated for over 60,000 hours of continual use in harsh conditions, these products can run for several years before you’ll need to replace them. This is another noteworthy way that LED lights can save you money on your offshore platform and ensure your team remains protected.

Less Energy Consumption

Above all though, LEDs are best known for their lowered energy consumption. These fixtures draw fewer volts of electricity to run and produce less heat while in operation. This puts a reduced amount of energy to waste and can save you additional funds even as your team works.

In this article, we’ve discussed several vital ways that LED lighting can help offshore platforms achieve better success. So, don’t miss out on a chance to reap these advantages on your own mining site with C-MOR Energy Service’s selection of products. Our refinery LED lighting fixtures make insufficient lighting a thing of the past and make your job site a safer and more productive place to work.