Oilfield Catch Tanks

Oilfield tanks store and collect crude oil until it’s time for the oil to make its way through the pipeline or to tankers. The oil can also hang out in the tanks until it is ready for the refining process. The design and functionality of the tanks are similar even though they can perform an array of purposes.

C-MOR Energy creates custom catch tanks for your operation. We make these tanks for various job sites for your company to rent. We make the process simple for you—we’ll drop off the portable tanks at your job site and then remove them when the work is complete.

The typical sizes we build include:

  • 3-sided (Tall) 8’x40’
  • 3-sided (Tall) 8’x30’
  • 3-sided (Short)
  • 400 BBL Upright Tanks

We build our oilfield catch tanks to last. You can count on these tanks getting you through every job, meaning you’ll enjoy uninterrupted service. We offer optional berms at the front of the tank.

You can’t beat the competitive pricing we have to offer, so you can count on us to provide the best deal on whatever products you need to rent. One of our can’t-beat services is our monthly inspections. If we spot any areas that need repairs, we’ll take care of them. And if you notice any damage between inspections, give us a call.

C-MOR places a significant amount of energy on creating safe, effective, and eco-friendly rental products. Our innovative items come from the considerable experience we have in the oil and gas industry. You can count on our products to get you to your tough deadline. Use our consulting and project management services to help you figure out what to do when you’re understaffed.

We care deeply about creating a relationship with our clients. Along with our rentals, C-MOR also offers pressure washing, welding, fabrication, and rig lighting systems to name a few. Don’t waste any time; contact us today to find out more about our oilfield tanks or any other products or services you’re interested in.