Ways To Improve Operating Costs in the Oil Industry

Ways To Improve Operating Costs in the Oil Industry

As with any business, to attain success in the oil industry, you must create strategies to diminish the costs of operation. As you do this, you can increase your profits because you won’t be spending as much money while digging for and extracting oil from the ground. These are several ways to improve operating costs in the oil industry.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Many companies look at some maintenance needs on the oil field as nothing more than nuisances because caring for them requires money. They may forego certain maintenance procedures in an effort to cut down costs. However, it’s actually better to perform regular maintenance on every aspect of the jobsite that needs it. Although it may call for an investment of time and money, doing this will stop major issues from arising down the line that could end up costing a business a great deal. Look over your maintenance procedures and schedules and see whether any area is lacking. Your equipment will work better and last longer this way.

Apply Corrosion-Prevention Coatings

Corrosion is a factor that can lead to lots of expenses for an oil company. When an asset decomposes enough, you need to replace it entirely, which can be quite costly. That’s why one way to improve operating costs in the oil industry is to apply corrosion-prevention coatings to your steel equipment. With special coating products that bond to the surface of steel, your equipment can remain in great condition even as it sees heavy use on the job. These coatings are able to perform so well because they often contain phosphate, which steel needs to avoid corrosion.

Utilize Energy-Efficient Lighting

Greater energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment—it’s also beneficial when you want to save money on operations. With energy-efficient lighting, in particular, you can save a significant amount of funds since you must often keep lights on continuously over long periods of time. C-MOR’s Patented Crown Light™ (Crown Jewel™) is perfect when you want to decrease the electricity needed to keep your job site illuminated when it’s dark out. With its combustion-proof, high-efficiency lightbulbs and ability to connect with a power source using just a single cable, its energy requirements are far lower than a typical oil field light. Our Crown Jewel™ can save you an estimated amount of $588 per day, which can quickly add up to massive annual savings.

So, if you want to make energy-efficient lighting a part of your costing-improving measures, contact C-MOR Energy Services. On top of utilizing less electricity, our Crown Jewel™ oil rig lights are also customizable and easy to transport.