What Is Oil Field Equipment?

What Is Oil Field Equipment?

Crude oil is the basis for many of the forms of fuel that people use each day. From vehicles to home heating appliances to electric power plants, you can find oil everywhere. To get this valuable commodity, skilled professionals must work in oil fields to harvest oil from subterranean locations. They use large apparatuses to help them do this on a huge scale. Here, we answer the question, “What is oil field equipment?” by covering major examples of it and explaining their purposes.

Drilling Rigs

You can consider drilling rigs as the hearts of oil work. Drilling rigs are used to burrow into the earth’s subsurface to extract hydrocarbons, primarily crude oil and natural gas. Rigs consist of a set of equipment that can perform a variety of services, including sampling subsurface mineral deposits, testing the physical properties of rock, soil, and groundwater, and tunneling and drilling. Oilfield drilling rigs are made of primary Oilfield Equipment like a hoisting system, a derrick or draw works, and a driving group. Oilfield Equipment also includes a circulating system of pumps, a Top Drive, return lines, pits and a drill string. Furthermore, Oilfield Equipment encompasses the well control components. Oil wells are drilled for a number of reasons with the required Equipment. Equipment is able to drill with the help of rotary drilling. The Equipment petroleum expert or engineer is the one who can drill a well through a multitude of methods. If the method is conventional, the well is drilled in a straight vertical line down to the petroleum.

Specialized Equipment

Oilfield Equipment is required for different kinds of drilling as well as for excavation purposes when searching for oil or gas. The collection of oilfield equipment on a jobsite may consist of:

  • Drilling or Workover Rig Components
  • Oilfield Trucks and Machinery
  • Solids and Well Control Equipment
  • Various types of Pumps
  • Premix Tanks
  • Pump Containments
  • Mud Vacuums
  • Manifolds
  • Flair Boxes and Flair Lines
  • Drive Overs
  • Hose/Bit Houses
  • Pipe Racks
  • Catch Tanks and Other types of containments
  • Oilfield Lighting such as Light Towers or C-MOR’s Patented CROWN LIGHT™ System

Lighting Structures

Oilfield Lighting is also very important in this industry due to the fact that operators and service companies work 24 hours per day in all types of weather. As such, Lighting is extremely important for nighttime safety. With the enhanced visibility that it brings, it reduces slips and trips and other accidents which often occur. Historically, the oil and gas industry has relied on Halogen Light Towers, which typically telescope 25 feet in the air and run off of diesel fuel. Given the size of the worksite locations, 6 to 12 of these light towers are often utilized. However, C-MOR Energy Services has developed multiple Patented Lighting Products, such as their PATENTED CROWN LIGHT™, which attaches directly to the Crown of a Drilling Rig and provides illumination for nearly 200 yards in every direction from the base of the rig. The Halo lighting effect from the Crown of the Rig and the customizable Axis points allow complete site coverage to improve oilfield safety and lighting on drilling and frac locations.

C-MOR’s Patented CROWN LIGHT™ System is the only one of its kind. The Revolutionary PATENTED, OSHA Approved CROWN LIGHT™ Systems are saving Operators and Drilling Contractors Millions Annually, while helping to reduce Carbon Emissions and Improve Oilfield Safety. In addition to gaining engineering approval from almost every drilling contractor for installation on their rigs, C-MOR’s CROWN LIGHT™ Systems have been approved by the top 10 drilling contractors in the world due to their one-of-a-kind design and emphasis on safety. With over 350 C-MOR CROWN LIGHT™ installations worldwide, customers rely on the C-MOR CROWN LIGHT™ to keep their employees safe.

C-MOR Energy Services also offers two types of light towers which are traditionally utilized on Frac Sites or other Production Locations. The Tower of Light Systems feature a proprietary mast guidance system, which provides increased stability during high winds. The manual winch raises and lowers the 6-LED light tower in a controlled manner to any height up to a 32-foot maximum elevation point. Two units are equivalent to 8-10 typical light towers and can be run on 3 different power sources.

C-MOR’s Newest Lighting Product is its GUARDIAN™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower. The GUARDIAN™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower is next level when it comes to lighting. As Cost Savings, Safety, and Environmental Concerns were primary goals when developing this state-of-the-art product, C-MOR’s engineers extensively researched site locations to design and angle each LED lamp in directions that limit the casting of shadows and slow light dissipation. The GUARDIAN™ emits light over 150 yards in all directions from its base preventing on-site accidents. It also eliminates the need for multiple standard halogen towers as is typical in many locations. The Gen 3 Light Tower is a completely customizable tower the provides site lighting coverage which exceeds that of 12 Standard Light Towers. Its superior rugged design and professionally engineered construction allow it to withstand any terrain or weather while fully telescoped to 60 feet. Just two of these towers on a Frac or production location can save nearly $1,480 per day in lighting costs or up to $540,000 annually per location and can be run on 3 different power sources.

Finally, C-MOR offers a Mobile Tower Light System. These Patented Mobile Tower Light Systems are moveable light towers with multiple versions extending and articulating 40 to 125 feet above ground. The mobility of the system allows for site lighting flexibility that makes it possible to achieve maximum light coverage where it is needed most.

If you are looking for an oil field equipment supplier to provide you with reliable and state-of-the-art drilling rig lights or other oilfield equipment, contact C-MOR™ Energy Services today. With our products and experience working in the industry, we’re sure to bring you the effective solutions you need.