Why Renting Oilfield Lights Is Better Than Buying

Why Renting Oilfield Lights Is Better Than Buying

Equipment in the oilfield industry is constantly changing, and it can be expensive to keep up with. The good news is you don’t have to purchase the newest tools and equipment.

Lighting is one of the ever-evolving areas. Providing adequate lighting for your staff helps keep them on task, reduces accidents, and creates a safer work environment. Why not rent oilfield lighting when you can’t afford to buy it? In many ways, it’s better to rent oilfield lights than buy them. Continue reading to find out why.

No Need To Worry About Maintenance

Maintenance and repair issues come with added cost and time. This problem can bring about financial issues due to staff working overtime and paying for repair parts. Managers need to account for maintenance costs if the business purchases oilfield lighting.

However, when renting a commercial light tower, the rental company will send employees to maintain and repair any issues with the lighting. It’s their responsibility, not yours. This convenience allows staff to continue working on their tasks.

Better Budget Planning and Control

Many benefits of renting oilfield lighting have to deal with cost and budget. Budgeting is a big deal in any industry, and renting rather than buying allows you to have better control and planning of the budget. This positive attribute will help your operation stay on budget versus going over.

Surprise maintenance and repairs can leave your project in the negative. With rentals, there are no surprises. You’ll budget for the straightforward fees and allow the rental company to handle the rest. Rental equipment is also tax deductible, helping you save money on end-of-the-year overhead costs.

Cheaper Upfront Cost

Purchasing the required equipment for an oilfield project is expensive. Then you’ll need to buy added attachments, more tools, or different equipment altogether after spending a lot of money. It all begins to add up, and you could be over budget before you start the project.

Renting also provides you with more options available. You need to provide the best and most efficient lighting. It will help your workers to stay focused and clearly see while they work. You may also be unable to afford the upfront costs of the best lighting available.

As you can see, there are amazing benefits to renting oilfield lights. C-MOR Energy Services provides top-of-the-line lighting equipment and service. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.