Eco-Friendly Oilfield Lighting & Carbon Reduction Technology

As time goes on, the reduction of carbon emissions becomes more important. This is especially true for the oil and gas industry. As industry leaders in carbon emission reduction, oil and gas companies need to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, become more environmentally friendly, and strive for net zero emissions in the years to come. At C-MOR Energy Services, we understand this need and have developed carbon reduction technology. We put this into eco-friendly oilfield lights to help our friends working in oil companies create fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Guardian Series Gen 3 oilfield light tower was developed with energy efficiency at the forefront. The primary goals during the production of our state-of-the-art oilfield light tower were cost savings, safety, and environmental friendliness. Our engineering team worked tirelessly to develop our oilfield lighting system into top-of-the-line carbon reduction technology that can limit shadows and slow light dissipation to utilize its energy and efficiency. Our eco-friendly oilfield lighting emits 150 yards worth of light in every direction, which helps to prevent workplace accidents due to poor visibility and shadows hiding hazards. In addition to increased workplace safety, the tower can withstand any weather condition when mounted up to 60 feet. When it comes to power, our Guardian Series Gen 3 provides lighting coverage, which exceeds that of 12 standard light towers combined while still saving on power consumption and emissions. Having two of these lights instead of standard lighting on a production location can save a company nearly $540,000 annually per each location.

Our C-MOR Crown Light System is one of a kind. Our patented lighting system saves operators and drilling contractors millions every year. This technology assists in the reduction of carbon emissions and improves safety within the oil basin because of its unmatchable light visibility features. Others have tried to mimic our design, but they cannot provide the safety standards, quality assurance, proven savings, and carbon emission reduction that we offer with the C-MOR Crown Light System.

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction technology are the ways of the future for the oil and gas industry. Take the first step today and contact us about ordering eco-friendly oilfield lighting to provide your employees with safe and effective lighting, all while saving your company money.