Mud Vacuum

You may have seen a mud vacuum on the road before and simply didn’t know it. These impressive systems help clean up leftover sludge, mud, and other large-scale liquid clean-up for businesses and cities. C-MOR Energy has portable vacuum systems for rent to help tackle large spills or regulatory maintenance.

C-MOR Energy believes in making a difference and going greener for the planet. We also believe in making the job easier and more manageable. That’s why our mud vacuums have aluminum tanks to make them lighter than other vacuums. Our staff members work hard every time they’re on the clock and dealing with laborious jobs, so any task that’s less intense will help workers breathe a sigh of relief. C-MOR installs the disconnects and breaker panel on the outside of the vacuum for safe and convenient operation.

Our oil rig rental equipment is here for our clients to use. All tools and equipment need to work efficiently and accurately as possible; with that in mind, we service our equipment monthly and provide repairs as needed. Give our customer service team a call when you find damage or a broken piece.

C-MOR understands that businesses need to stick to a budget but also want to rent quality equipment. You’ll appreciate our competitive discount pricing for partial, full, and semi-full rig rental packages. We tailor our services and prices to fit our clients’ needs. C-MOR Energy and our reputable affiliates will accommodate all situations.

Our knowledge and expertise in the oil and gas industry will put you at ease about renting your mud vacuum with us. We love watching our clients’ businesses grow. C-MOR Energy provides consulting services that will arm your team with the right equipment to meet challenging deadlines.

Please reach out and contact C-MOR Energy to find out more. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.