Rolling Cutter Bit House

There are plenty of tools and devices used on an oil rig. Something any worker on an oil rig may be familiar with is a rolling cutter bit. These bits can drill into any formation when you select the correct nozzle, bearing, and cutter. There are two types of rolling cutter bits: tungsten carbide inserts and milled-tooth bits.

Tungsten carbide inserts, also known as insert bits, have different teeth bits depending on the rock they’re drilling into. Hard rock formations require rounded inserts with short extensions. On the other hand, soft formations require chisel-shaped inserts with long extensions.

Milled-tooth bits feature steel tooth cutters. These bits bite into rock formations as they rotate. There are various shapes and sizes of teeth for the bits, allowing them to tackle different types of rock. Hard formations require closely spaced and short teeth. The cuttings that result from using the bit on them are more rounded and smaller. Soft formations require widely spaced and slender teeth.

C-MOR understands that buying new equipment is incredibly expensive. That’s why we provide quality tools to help keep your work site operating efficiently and effectively. We even have equipment storage to house equipment between uses. Everything stays organized and tidy with it. This storage also helps prevent accidents and keeps workers and tools safe.

You don’t need to worry about maintenance or inspections. C-MOR Energy will come out and take care of any issues and provide monthly inspections to ensure all the equipment is operating properly. We offer competitive pricing for our partial, semi-full, and full rig rental packages. Our list of rental equipment is extensive. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking to rent at C-MOR Energy Services, including rolling cutter bit houses. We’re also committed to helping our clients reach net zero in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Contact us to find out more and discover how we can help you. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions.