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C-MOR Energy Services offers competitive discount pricing on rental equipment for partial, semi-full, and full-rig rental practices. We perform monthly inspections on equipment and make repairs as needed. When you need equipment, trust us as your reliable source. There’s no need to slow down your operation or deal with unsatisfactory equipment when we’re here to serve you.

We carry all the essentials for oil rig flaring, including flare lines and boxes. Our well-built equipment is durable and suitable for worksites. We understand the needs of oil field companies and workers, so we stay ahead of them and keep everything in stock and ready to go at all times.

Importance of Gas Flaring

A gas flare is a gas combustion device found on oil rigs, extraction sites, and oil- and gas-related processing plants. The gas flare burns off unwanted flammable gas on worksites. During job site shutdowns or startups, workers use an oil rig flare stack for the planned combustion of gases. Typically, worksites schedule combustions over short periods.

Gas flaring is important for oil companies because it prevents explosions due to large amounts of reactive gas. It’s also an effective way to remove waste and volatile organic compounds. For some worksites, gas flaring is mandatory because industrial accidents can result in long-lasting fires. These fires are challenging to contain and control.

Fortunately, oil rig gas flaring lines allow operators to manage unpredictable compounds by burning excess gas. Taking these precautions keeps workers and the surrounding area safe!

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We only provide high-quality rental equipment to our clients. When you need oil rig gas flaring lines, consider us to be your go-to company. We support your business and put safety first. Comply with regulations and perform safe practices by using our tools. That said, come to us first for all your oil drilling rig rental equipment needs.

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