C-MOR’s Safety Advantages

Increased illumination has proven to decrease accident rates by as much as 60%.

The low color rendering index (CRI) of HPS lighting creates a dismal environment that can affect employees’ energy and alertness levels. With physical labor, 24-hour operations and 12-hour shifts extremely common in the shale gas businesses, fatigue and drowsiness can be a key contributor to accidents and injuries.

The customization, engineering and flexibility of design allow for use on virtually all oilfield derricks and can eliminate the need for Conventional Light Towers.

CMOR Energy Services Patented Lighting Equipment

C-MOR Lights

Industrial LED technology provides crisp, clear, white light that mimics daylight, which helps improve workers’ visibility, safety and alertness. In one study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), floor trip-hazard detection improved by 23.7%, and a CDC/NIOSH study found that workers could detect trip hazards 94% faster with LED lighting in place.

Safety Benefits from Using Light Sources like C-MOR’s Crown Light™ include:

  • Increased work site visibility, limiting slips and trips
  • Fewer work site traffic obstacles, ideal for tight rig sites/locations
  • No heavy equipment required for rig up or rig down. The lightweight independent pole mounted design allows 2 technicians the ability to complete setup in only a few hours without the use of cranes, or other heavy equipment, which greatly reduces the risk for accidents during setup
  • OSHA Approved
  • Reduced work site noise generation
  • Reduced road traffic and dust pollution
  • Designed to be left in place during rig move to improve safety and reduce cost
  • The white light of LEDs encourages alertness and reduces fatigue by a factor of 5X, helping workers to feel more awake, engaged and less drowsy on any shift. In fact, studies have shown that LED lighting can even enhance worker productivity and efficiency
The disadvantages of having bad lighting


The Crown Jewel™ value proposition has so many benefits to the installed base, through increased safety, productivity, positive environmental impact and costs savings. Some of the benefits cannot have a quantifiable dollar amount.