Portable Lights

It’s crucial to have the right oilfield lighting on a job site. Workers must be able to see what they’re doing to keep themselves safe and ensure they don’t make a mistake. For these reasons, portable lights have become a game-changer in the oilfield lighting industry. Things like mobile tower lights have made it easier for staff to efficiently complete a project and remain safe while doing so. C-MOR Energy Services is proud to be a part of such drastic technological changes.

The team at C-MOR Energy Services works to keep oilfield workers safe on the job. As a result, we offer portable lights that improve safety standards and make it easier for people to do their jobs effectively. Our mobile tower lights can be transferred from spot to spot so that individuals can see exactly what they’re doing and what needs to get done. Portable lights make a significant impact because standing light options are so rigid and don’t offer workers the same flexibility. The portability factor allows people to complete tasks quicker, so they can perform other projects, as well. By finishing things faster, oilfields across the world may be able to take on more endeavors because of the technology we offer.

Not only is C-MOR Energy Services invested in portable lights, but we also want to revolutionize oilfield lighting as a whole. As a result, we have ushered in LED lighting because it’s more durable and lasts longer than its fluorescent counterpart. Using LEDs improves safety, and help a company save money because they don’t have to be replaced as often. The effectiveness of LEDs and the portability of our mobile tower lights are just two of the many reasons C-MOR Energy Services stands out from similar companies in the industry. We have better, high-quality products that promote safety and make oilfields more comfortable places to work.