Oil Drilling Rig Rental Equipment

C-MOR Energy Services offers competitive discount pricing on rental equipment for partial, semi-full and full rig rental packages. All of our equipment is inspected monthly and repaired as needed. We are a full-service rental and service company that has a presence in almost every major oil basin in the world. C-MOR Energy Services has oil drilling rig rental equipment available so that your operation never slows and absolutely never stops. We have everything you’ll need, like BHA racks, bit houses, catch tanks, drive overs, flare boxes and lines, hose houses, mud trailers, and more. We understand the needs of the oil field companies and workers, so we stay ahead of them and keep everything in stock and ready to go at all times. We are able to build and fabricate custom oilfield equipment, and there is no project too big or small. Come to us first for all your oil drilling rig rental equipment needs.

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CMOR Energy Equipment Rack

BHA Racks

Built to securely handle any bottom hole assembly, these racks store and protect all of your tools. Contact us for equipment availability and a competitive rental rate.

CMOR Energy Storage Container

Bit Houses

Our Bit Houses are mounted on skids and have fork pockets to make them very easy to transport. Each house has electric heat and light, as well as extra outlets. They come standard with shelves on two walls and a man door.

CMOR Energy Catch Tank

Catch Tanks

Custom build, typically 4′ walls 10′ wide 30′ or 40′ long 4″ square tubing 1/2″ floors 1/4″ walls 4″ draw bar Beveled top rails on short tanks. Every catch tank we rent is built to last and give years of uninterrupted service. 8′ walls 10′ wide 30′ or 40′ lengths 4″ square tubing 1/2″ floors 1/4″ walls reinforced corners inside tank to take wear 4″ draw bar. Optional berms at front of the tank. 400 BBL tanks are ideal for storing fluids at your well sites and tank farms. We supply and rent customizable invert systems, upright tanks and portable tanks.

  • 3-Sided (Tall) 8′ x 40′
  • 3-Sided (Tall) 8′ x 30′
  • 3-Sided (Short)
  • 400 BBL Upright Tanks
CMOR Energy Drive Over

Drive Overs

Flair Line Drive Over — Custom build, typically 4′ wide 24′ long 4″ high at the center of the ramp 10″ flair line 4″ panic line 3′ highly visible shields on each end.
Tank Farm Drive Over — Custom build, typically 4′ wide, 24′ long, 4″ high at the center of the ramp, Three 4″ ports, Two 2″ ports, High visibility bollards on each end.

CMOR Energy Flair Box

Flair Boxes

Custom Built to accommodate your requirements.

CMOR Energy Storage Container

Flair Lines

8 inch and 10 inch in a variety of lengths.

CMOR Energy Guard House

Guard Houses

Guard House Trailers are heated and cooled offering a comfortable and spacious interior design. Well suited to monitor traffic in route to your location.

CMOR Energy Hose House

Hose Houses

Our Hose Houses are the perfect way to safely and securely store all of your suction and discharge hoses.

CMOR Energy Logistics


We transport and set compressor units, fall off loads, mud pumps, man camps, generators and do complete rig moves.

CMOR Energy Manifolds


Our manifolds consolidate and organize all of your tank farm connections to one place. No more making and breaking connections, simply open the valve at the connection you need and close the ones you don’t.

CMOR Energy Mobile Gym

Mobile Gyms

One of our most popular items, our Mobile Gyms are customizable offering a wide variety of workout equipment in a self-contained, heated and cooled, easily transportable structure.

CMOR Energy Mud Trailer

Mud Trailers

Use these trailers to store and move all of your mud and drilling products.

CMOR Energy Mud Vacuums

Mud Vacuums

We put a reliable and powerful 3500 psi pressure washer in our vacs. Each of our vacs are completely insulated and have two 480 volt electric heaters. Our powerful vacuums have aluminum tanks which make them very light compared to other vacuums. We’ve installed all breaker panels and disconnects on the outside of the vacuum for easier and safer operation.

CMOR Energy Premix Tanks

Premix Tanks

Each of our newest Premix Tanks has three 15HP agitators that turn adjustable height 40″ mixing paddles. Along with 12 adjustable mud guns. Our Premix Tanks have a dual sloped bottom that drains to a sump, which enables the tank to be completely drained. Each of our gun lines has a shut off valve and a swivel so it can be easily adjusted while in operation.


  • 500-530BBL
  • 50′ Long x 11’6″ Wide x 10′ 2″ High
  • 40k lbs. Dry Weight
  • 3 Phase, 60hz, 460v, 75 hp. Pump Motor
  • 6″x5″x11″ MCM Pump
  • 6″ Venturi Mixing Hopper
  • 6″ Recirculation Lines, Hopper Line and Discharge Lines
  • Three 3 Phase, 60hz, 460v, 15hp Motors and Gear Boxes
  • LED lights on each end of the tank
  • Insulated pump house, which is heated and ventilated
CMOR Energy Pump Containment

Pump Containment

These skid mounted containment systems are designed to store your pumps, manifolds and hoses while drilling and moving. Designed to catch any spill while making or breaking connections between pumps and hoses. Everything caught in the containment collects in the sump and is easily cleaned from there.