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C-MOR™ Oil Rig Lighting

Revolutionary patented oil rig lighting systems. At C-MOR Energy Services, we utilized our oilfield experience with our customers needs to guide our engineers in creating an oil rig lighting system that is safer, environmentally friendly, and more economical than anything available in the World. Each of our Oil Rig LED lighting systems have been tested and proven effective in properly lighting any location in any oil basin in the world at any hour of the day! Whether its Refinery LED Lighting, or Oilfield Lighting, C-MOR can handle the job.

We have not only installed our LED Lights on Oil Rigs, but for other applications such as:

  • Disaster Relief Lighting
  • Concert Lighting
  • Sporting Event Lighting
  • Sports Court Lighting
  • Refinery LED Lighting
  • Nighttime Skeet and Trap Shooting Complex Lighting
  • Ski Resorts for Night Skiing
  • Race Track Lighting
  • Golf Course Lighting
  • Mining Lights
  • Military Building Lighting
  • Construction Lighting
  • Frac Site Lighting
  • Offshore Lighting
  • Production Site Lighting
  • Completions Lighting

Our Crown Jewel Lighting System offers unique safety abilities that are not offered by any other competitor on the market today. Our mobile light towers can be placed and easily moved anywhere that extra lighting is needed at any time. Our LED light tower can provide your drilling location with a stable, engineering approved LED lighting system even in high wind. The Guardian Series Gen 3 Light tower can be secured and raised up to 60 feet to provide extra visibility anywhere on an a drilling, production or workover location.

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Anyone that says they believe in Safety better have a Jewel on top of the Crown.

Chris Caskey, Marathon Oil

Crown Jewel Oilfield Lighting

Our proprietary, 5-year warrantied LED lights and structure were developed with SAFETY as the primary concern. The customization, engineering and flexibility of design, allow for use on virtually all oilfield derricks and can eliminate the need for conventional light towers.

Tower of Lights

Tower of Light Systems features a proprietary mast guidance system, which provide increased stability during high winds. The towers allow for a customizable light set up with the ability to move axis points to ensure equality of light dissipation to maximize site coverage. The manual winch raises and lower the 6 LED light tower in a controlled manner, during setup and tear down, or to the 32’ maximum elevation point.

Tower of Lights Visibility

C-MOR’s Patented Mobile Tower Light Systems are mobile light towers with multiple versions extending and articulating 40 to 125 feet above ground. The mobility of the system allows for site lighting flexibility to achieve maximum light coverage where needed most.

Guardian™ Gen 3

C-MOR’s newest creating, the GUARDIAN™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower is next level when it comes to lighting. As Cost Savings, Safety and Environmental Concerns were our primary goals when developing this state-of-the-art product, our engineers extensively researched site locations to design and angle each LED lamp in directions which limit shadows and slow light dissipation. The GUARDIAN™ emits light over 150 yards in all directions from its base preventing on site accidents or the need for multiple standard halogen towers typically seen on locations. The Gen 3 Light Tower is a completely customizable tower the provides site lighting coverage which exceeds that of 12 Standard Light Towers. Its superior rugged design and professionally engineered construction allows it to withstand any terrain or weather while fully telescoped to 60 feet. Just two of these towers on a Frac or production location can save nearly $1,480 per day in lighting costs or up to $540,000 annually per location.

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