Equipment Repairs

Here at CMOR Energy Services, we offer repairs, service and ancillary rental equipment for rigs. What’s more, the equipment is inspected monthly to ensure everything works correctly. Our team connects with a full-service and repair company that exists in almost every oil basis in the world, so we can assist thousands of companies with their repair issues. The primary reason we do oilfield equipment repairs at such an expansive range is that we want to ensure that you’re never slowed down by a broken part or repair.

The equipment we offer includes BHA racks, catch tanks, mud trailers, and more. C-MOR Energy Services can also create custom parts so that you can get back to work quickly. Customizations ensure that you get the exact equipment you need. We always meet a customer’s satisfaction, and we ask that you work with us to create the most ideal part for you. Oil rig repairs and maintenance services are a key pillar of our business model. We want to be available for oilfield workers when something goes wrong. From a company standpoint, we understand that lost time is equated to a loss in profits. You don’t need to worry; oilfield equipment repairs are top-of-the-line. Our professionals know what they’re doing, and they’re always around to answer questions if needed.

Finally, we rent these parts for a reasonable price. C-MOR Energy Services believes an oilfield shouldn’t have to choose between a repair and closing down shop. Our prices are competitive to prevent this from happening. Our primary goal at C-MOR Energy Services is to help oilfields maintain the same level of productivity they’re used to. That’s why we sell equipment that can brighten up dark spaces, so people can complete their work more efficiently. In addition, we have rentals for those who experience a problem while working. It’s all about that quick turnaround. We want to keep things smooth at the workplace so that everyone stays safe. Plus, you’ll get things repaired for a reasonable price, too.