Drill Pipe Racks

Drill pipe racks are necessary for every oil rig and other sites where organizing the pipes is a requirement. With them, you can rest assured that the equipment is safe, protected, and out of the way. C-MOR Energy Services provides oil drilling rig rental equipment at a competitive price.

These racks we offer for rent are built to handle any bottom hole assembly. They’ll protect your tools and keep them safe in an organized matter. We understand that a slowdown is a complete inconvenience for any business. That’s why our rental equipment is readily available; in other words, operations never have to stop. We keep our racks in stock, so no stopping is required. If you don’t store your pipes in the correct way, you could deal with corrosion and breakage. Ask yourself these questions before you rent any of the racks:

  • How many will I need?
  • What kind of pipes do I have?
  • Do I want them stored in a particular order?

These will help you choose the best drill pipe rack for your operation.

And, best of all, C-MOR Energy Services offers more than just oilfield pipe racks for rent. Our competitive discount pricing is good for partial, semi-full, and full rig rental packages. We tailor our prices to accommodate the needs of our customers. We also tailor our services to suit your unique requests. Other equipment we have for rent includes:

  • Flair boxes
  • Mobile gyms
  • Mud vacuums
  • Bit houses

C-MOR Energy Services is a reliable and reputable rental and service company. Our considerable experience has allowed us to grow within this industry. Consult with one of our friendly and kind customer service representatives to find out how we can best help your company. We offer on-site delivery and setup to make life easier for our clients. Safety for customers is a great concern of ours, which is why we inspect our equipment every month.

If you’re interested in renting drill pipe racks from C-MOR Energy Services, contact us today.