Crown Jewel Lighting System Improves Oilfield Safety

JCA Companies subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services has received its 60th order in 2018 for its patent-pending, rig-mounted lighting system which is called “The Crown Jewel.

Launched in 2018, C-MOR’s “Crown Jewel” provides daytime quality light from 180 feet high on the rig’s crown, and its “Tower of Light” system, which provides light from the ground, have both taken flight with some of the largest U.S. E&P companies. Customers have called this the “best rig safety innovation in 2018”.

Responding to requests from customers with increasing demand for lighting on a wide variety of rig types including workover rigs, C-MOR has successfully trimmed more than 300 pounds from the original weight of “The Crown Jewel,” making it possible to offer rig operators a rig-mounted lighting system that weighs less than 500 pounds. Operator adoption continues with more than 60 units on oil and gas drilling sites installed or are in process.

“We have been fortunate to work with the largest oil and gas operators in the United States,” said JCA President Josh Allison. “We currently have our lighting systems in multiple states with a variety of operators, and an installation and delivery pipeline that exceeds 60 rigs and frac sites. By working constructively with the best in the business, we continue to make strides to provide a product capable of improving safety, working conditions and reducing accidents.

“In addition to its light weight, customer’s like the fact that our system requires zero modifications to the rig derrick or crown and a one-time only, four-hour installation,” added Allison “The weight and engineering design allow operators to move the rig between locations without removing the lighting system and then rigging it back up. This limits the need for heavy equipment and additional personal onsite during rig moves.”

Operators can completely remove all the traditional light towers from their sites and replace them with one “Crown Jewel” Lighting System that provides significantly more light coverage, costs less, improves safety and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

“We have already received feedback from every operator using our systems that the job site is safer, more productive, and less costly compared to lighting solutions previously available in the market,” Allison said. The gain in productivity, safety, and engineering can save millions of dollars for oil field operators.

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