Why Visibility at Night Is Important on Oil Fields

Why Visibility at Night Is Important on Oil Fields

Oil fields are dangerous, so it’s critical to follow safety standards, and that includes lighting standards. Learn why visibility at night is important on oil fields and how companies can improve their work sites.

Lights on Oil Fields

Inadequate lighting affects performance in any industry. How well can someone perform their job if they can’t see what they’re doing? The oil industry is no exception to this rule. Day and night, workers drill, extract, and survey oil. They work with heavy machinery, expose themselves to harmful chemicals, and work at dangerous heights.

Employees must be able to see their work site. Visibility at night is important on oil fieldsbecause adequate lighting reduces injuries and fatalities. Operating in dim areas puts employees at risk because they may perform the wrong task, fall into a hole, or use the wrong machine settings. Workers can injure themselves and the people around them without clear visibility.

Failing to properly illuminate your site isn’t worth the risk. The right lights help employees perform tasks.

What Are the Best Lights?

When working on an oil field at night, workers need the brightest lights possible. The best lights are LED bulbs. They’re brighter and more durable than incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, they’re environmentally friendly because they get their energy from photons.

Operations on oil fields require a substantial amount of light. Structures like industrial light towers are perfect for oil fields because they increase visibility while withstanding any terrain. This reliable light source is an efficient, must-have structure on oil fields.

Remain Safety Compliant

According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls cause 15 percent of all accidental deaths. When you work in a hazardous environment, there’s an automatic increase in accidents. That said, companies do everything in their power to prevent injuries and fatalities. This starts with a safe work environment.

Along with caution signs, training programs, and protective gear, businesses provide suitable job sites for employees. Light towers are an essential feature of work sites, especially at night. Proper illumination increases safety and productivity.

Ultimately, companies must comply with OSHA safety standards and prevent avoidable injuries. Meet safety standards with our help. Check out C-MOR Energy Services’ LED lighting options and select the best product for your business.