3 Tips for Maintaining Your Oilfield Light Tower

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Oilfield Light Tower

Every oilfield needs adequate light to function through the night. Performing maintenance on your light towers will help ensure they’re in tip-top shape. These are three tips for maintaining your oilfield light tower.

Protect Equipment From Outdoor Elements

Rain, snow, sleet, and wind can all damage your light tower. Some things are out of human control, but clean the equipment after a bad storm or other weather pattern comes through the area.

Check the coolant composition to ensure the equipment is ready for whatever weather it will encounter. Keep the tower in a well-ventilated area to ease up on your maintenance schedule. When you do that, you’ll likely have less to clean.

Have a Maintenance Checklist for the Light Tower

A well-maintained machine will keep the jobsite on schedule. You may have to divert from the maintenance schedule due to weather, but staying ahead of issues will keep the oilfield light towers happy.

Things to add to your maintenance schedule checklist include:

  • Check the oil filter
  • Change the oil
  • Inspect the radiator for debris
  • Examine the fuel and air filters
  • Look for any leaking parts


Relocation Tips

Here are a couple of items to check before you relocate your lighting tower. Protect your bulb web to avoid damage during relocation. Ensure it’s shut off before turning off the machine entirely.

Ensure Security and Safety of the Light Towers

These light towers provide the most substantial light source to your jobsite, and any damage to them will hurt the timeline. You can’t trust any company with light tower transportation when it comes time to switch areas.

Before setting up at a new site, clear away any debris or obstructions that could potentially harm the light tower. These obstructions could be:

  • Tall trees
  • Cranes
  • Buildings
  • Other equipment


Plan accordingly to avoid extending the mast beyond the anticipated point. You could damage the bulbs and have a safety hazard on your hands.

Follow the above oilfield light tower maintenance tips to ensure a long-lasting tower. Your equipment will thank you for the effort.