3 Ways Technology Can Help With Rig Maintenance

3 Ways Technology Can Help With Rig Maintenance

Drilling equipment is put under extreme vibration and stress every day. Maintenance and safety are crucial to keeping an oil rig running smoothly. Technology can help rig maintenance in big ways; here are three.

Can Help Forecast the Future

Nobody knows what the future has in store, but technology can help businesses predict what may happen. Sensors gather data and analyze vibration, temperatures, pressures, motion, and current to determine the reliability of specific machines. The computers can forecast what factors cause the devices to fail and at what frequency.

This new technology can process and store real-time data along with historical. You’ll learn which patterns point to an issue and which are normal.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

There are maintenance tasks you should perform daily, weekly, and monthly. This schedule will help keep your rig running smoothly, effectively, and safely. Technology can help your company create the perfect maintenance schedule for your machines.

The crew should look for any issues during their daily inspections. The staff should grease and clean daily. They should also periodically change engine oil and perform electrical system and hydraulic fluid maintenance.

Technology can also help you keep track of your maintenance. Create mobile checklists that can help all employees stay on the same page. Individuals can check to ensure another crew member has accomplished a specific task.

Nothing Missed

Missed tasks can result in a catastrophe on an oil rig. For example, chipped paint will rust after water gets in. When you work on an oil rig, it’s crucial not to miss anything. Technology keeps checklists and inspection tasks at an arm’s reach at all times. It also personalizes the lists to each company.

After creating a list, the cloud securely stores the data. It can tell the business who performed the task, if staff found anything wrong, if the employee fixed any issues, and when they finished the checklist.

Technology can help make your oil rig maintenance better and more efficient. It’s time to implement technologically advanced devices to help keep your rig on track.

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