5 of the Hottest and Sweatiest Jobs in America

5 of the Hottest and Sweatiest Jobs in America

Everyone has different preferences regarding their line of work. Some people want to sit behind a desk from nine to five. Other folks want to be outside, using their hands. Ahead, learn about five of the hottest and sweatiest jobs in America.

Waste Worker

Waste workers are some of the most underappreciated employees in the country. Without them, our homes and office buildings would fill up with trash. In areas with a warm climate, waste workers break a sweat lifting bins into their trucks and moving on to their next stop.

Oilfield Worker

Oilfield workers sweat all day long. These professionals can’t be afraid to dig deep into the ground and occupy small spaces. They spend their entire day outside in the elements. Since there’s so much sun exposure, oilfield companies must provide staff with protective equipment and gear to ensure their safety.


Next on the list of the hottest and sweatiest jobs in America is firefighting. Firefighters deliberately put themselves in precarious situations to save other people’s lives. When putting out a fire, these workers get incredibly hot and have to wear special attire to keep themselves safe.

Construction Worker

Construction workers can get sweaty on the job because they don’t often have shade around them. Some areas lack trees or shaded areas, so these workers face the beating sun and harsh air in the summertime or in warm climates.

UPS Truck Loader

Last but certainly not least are UPS truck loaders. The pandemic showed us how much we rely on these individuals to get the things we need. These people work harder than we even realize, as it takes a lot to lift packages in and out of the trucks. UPS truck loaders break a sweat lifting things and delivering them to different locations.

All of these professions should have supportive companies behind them—businesses that have their well-being and safety in mind. C-MOR Energy Services is proud to be such a partner for those in the oilfield profession. We provide oil rig lighting that helps staff see things more clearly at nighttime, so they remain safe. Take a look at our collection of tools today.