Benefits Lighting Brings To the Oil and Gas Industry

Benefits Lighting Brings To the Oil and Gas Industry

In oil fields, the equipment that most people think of are oil rigs, as they are directly responsible for digging into the ground and harvesting the precious natural resources. However, lighting is just as important to almost every oil operation. Without light, much of the work on the job site would become more challenging and slower, as work often takes place when the sun is down. Learn about the benefits lighting brings to the oil and gas industry below.

Improved Safety

Since oil operations may start early in the morning and continue well into the night, work conditions quickly become dangerous without proper illumination. Lights that aren’t bright or that don’t encompass the entirety of the oil field can lead to an increased risk of injury. Workers may accidentally bump into equipment, trip, or fall victim to other accidents when they can’t see clearly. The presence of lighting helps workers maintain the utmost caution without needing to excessively decrease the pace of their activities.

Helps With Maintenance

Since oil rigs contain many different parts that must all work together without issue, routine maintenance is necessary. Workers must inspect the structure closely to catch problems before they grow too large. To do this, employees may need to climb up and down the rig and work near flammable substances. A quality lighting setup will make maintenance easy by ensuring every component is clearly discernible even when it is dark outside. Solid lighting will also not contain liquids or fragile pieces that could exacerbate the fire-related risks associated with working near oil and gas. Instead, they’ll provide steadfast support and allow the oil field to remain in top condition.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Lights need energy to run. The benefit lighting brings to the oil and gas industry when it is of a high-quality design is its ability to lower fueling needs on the job site. Drilling rig halo lights, such as the C-MOR™ Crown Jewel, can eliminate the need to burn diesel. This can save money and help the environment by lowering emissions. With LED lightbulbs, a lighting structure will also last much longer, use less electricity, and often produce greater brightness than outdated alternatives. This efficiency is a welcome addition to any oil field because its benefits address so many of the concerns that subpar lighting might create. It’s no wonder that contacting C-MOR™ Energy Services for advanced and efficient oil field lighting is a no-brainer for anyone in the industry.