C-MOR™ Defends its IP and Resolves Patent Lawsuits to Focus on Expanding its Market Leading Crown Jewel Lighting System

CODY, Wyo., Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — C-MOR Energy Services’™ (“C-MOR™”) patented Crown Jewel® Lighting System is currently utilized on nearly 40% of U.S. land-based drilling rigs as the close of 2022 approaches. In the first quarter of 2023 C-MOR is aiming to increase the Crown Jewel® market capture of installations nationally as well as expanding further into the international market and broadening its market share of other lighting products manufactured and distributed by C-MOR into not only the energy market but other industries such as mining, construction, and industrial work sites.

The Crown Jewel® Lighting System entered the oil and gas industry in early 2018 and has seen steady and significant growth despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic had on the energy industry over the last three years. With nearly 600 installations worldwide, the Crown Jewel® is the premiere lighting provider for drilling sites. The Crown Jewel® Lighting System increases worksite safety on drilling rigs and other work sites and helps customers meets their ESG criteria while saving customers money by decreasing lighting costs dramatically. Of significant importance, the Crown Jewel® Lighting System mitigates the environmental impacts of traditional lighting products by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise, air and other pollution all of which sets it apart as an industry leader.

Adding to the success of the Crown Jewel®, C-MOR is closing out 2022 with triumphs on the legal front. On November 21, 2022 C-MOR reached a full and complete settlement of multiple pending lawsuits with Apollo/Cleantek™. C-MOR achieved multiple wins related to its intellectual property rights in the Apollo/Cleantek™ lawsuits.

The first win for C-MOR came in April 2022 when a judge in the Western District of Texas agreed with C-MOR’s interpretation of its U.S. Patent Number 10,976,016 and set C-MOR’s infringement claims against Apollo/Cleantek™ on a fast track for trial in October 2022. The second win for C-MOR came when the same judge ruled all of the claims of Apollo’s U.S. Patent Number 11,111,761 are invalid, which was followed quickly by Apollo’s dismissal of its infringement claims against C-MOR. C-MOR’s third win came in October 2022 when the same Texas judge dismissed a newly filed case relating to Apollo’s U.S. Patent No. 11,391,121.

Shortly after the dismissal of this new case, C-MOR and Apollo/Cleantek™ agreed to a settlement that resolved all the lawsuits. This settlement ended further protracted or future patent litigation between C-MOR and Apollo/Cleantek™. The details of the settlement are confidential, but as part of the settlement, C-MOR and Apollo/Cleantek™ agreed to cross-license patent portfolios, giving C-MOR unfettered use of the Apollo/Cleantek™ patent portfolio while maintaining its own.

With these lawsuits now behind it, C-MOR is continuing to focus on expanding its network of customers as well as diversifying its product line and stepping into related industries. C-MOR projects strong growth and earnings in 2023.

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