C-MOR Energy Services Revolutionary Multi-Patented Lighting Products

C-MOR Energy Services Revolutionary Multi-Patented Lighting Products Help Customers Meet ESG Goals

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CODY, Wyo. June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Like many companies in other sectors, the oil and gas industry is increasingly confronted with the need to address Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) imperatives in their businesses. JCA Companies (“JCA”) subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services (formerly C&M Oilfield Rentals, “C-MOR” or “the Company”) has become a favorite among the top Operators and Drilling Contractors to help meet their ESG goals.   In some sectors of the oil and gas industry, operations run on a 24-hour continual basis, making  lighting important and C-MOR has cornered the oilfield lighting market.  C-MOR’s has built upon its success in the oil and gas market and has expanded into other industries.  Currently C-MOR services over 30% of the land-based rigs in the US and several internationally with their revolutionary patented lighting products. Additionally, C-MOR provides its lighting products not only to other sectors of the oil and gas such as production or frac locations, but industries such as construction, public or recreational events, racetracks, shooting facilities, mining, and disaster relief in addition to several others.

This picture illustrates an oilfield drilling location with standard light Towers compared with one using C-MOR’s Crown Light™

C-MOR has made over 350 safe and successful installations of its most popular product “The Crown Jewel ™ ” or “Crown Light ™ ” throughout the U.S. and South America since the beginning of 2018.  Operators and drilling contractors who have installed the Crown Light ™ system have not only cut lighting costs dramatically but have improved safety and lowered greenhouse gas emissions.  With companies looking for ways to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and putting an emphasis on accurate ESG reporting, they have looked to C-MOR and its multi-patented products to meet these goals.

One of the present methods of illuminating oil and gas locations at night involves the use of light towers powered by diesel generators and HPS Lamps which contribute to air pollution, vibrations, and noise in the work environment. Each HPS lamp can contain 10-50 milligrams of mercury — enough to poison an entire classroom of children above threshold limits. A typical six tower diesel fueled light package often seen on a standard oilfield drilling location runs approximately 5,110 hours per year, with an average output of 26.432lbs of CO2 per hour.

The Multi-Patented Crown Jewel ™ and C-MOR’s most recent product, the Guardian ™ Gen 3 Lighting System have an important advantage over diesel powered light towers as they produce little to no greenhouse gases or noise. C-MOR’s Lighting Systems have significantly lower maintenance requirements in comparison to diesel powered lighting towers. Furthermore, C-MOR’s systems increase the use of alternative energy and also provide environmental benefits which result in lowered costs and safer worksites. The Crown Jewel ™ reduces highway traffic by eliminating the need for delivery or pickup of Light Towers between locations, maintenance or the refueling of such.

The low color rendering index (CRI) of HPS lighting can create a grim environment that can affect employees’ energy and alertness levels. With physical labor, 24-hour operations and 12-hour shifts being the norm in the oil and gas business, fatigue and drowsiness are a key contributor to accidents and injuries. C-MOR’s strategically engineered LED lights encourage alertness and can reduce fatigue by a factor of 5X, helping employees to feel more awake, engaged and less drowsy during shifts. Studies have shown that LED lighting can even enhance worker productivity and efficiency. C-MOR’s Crown Light ™ and Guardian Gen 3 ™ increase work site visibility, limiting slips and trips which, according to OSHA, cause 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to motor vehicles. Worth noting is C-MOR’s systems reduce traffic  and traffic obstacles on location unlike standard light towers. C-MOR’s Crown Lighting systems remain on rigs during moves and do not require the use of heavy trucks for transport as seen with standard light towers.

“Although regulatory and policy trends in the U.S. oil and gas sector have helped our business gain traction in the industry, operators and drilling contractors have been at the forefront in implementing safer, more environmentally friendly products and procedures for some time now,” C-MOR President Josh Allison said. Weighing in on the other benefits of C-MOR’s multi-patented products, President Josh Allison said, “While our patented products significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they also make sense from an economic standpoint as well. Our customers are realizing substantial economic savings, while helping to meet their ESG goals. For instance, when an operator can remove 12-14 standard diesel operated light towers from a production or frac location and replace it with two of our Guardian ™ Gen 3 Lighting Systems they not only save time and money, but achieve superior overall site lighting, which improves safety and lowers their carbon footprint. This makes it is an easy switch.”

With regulatory authorities already beginning to incorporate climate change reviews into their assessments of oil and gas projects and the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan released in March looking to accelerate that process, the future looks bright for C-MOR.

More information about C-MOR’s lighting systems is available at: https://cmorenergy1.wpengine.com/

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JCA Companies with its subsidiary companies, provides a wide array of services across several industries, it innovative, customizable and revolutionary equipment, is complemented by the exceptional services provided. We realize that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig is essential to overall operations, and we are fully committed to providing our clients with the very best in terms of equipment and service. JCA Companies broad range of specialty and integrated services focus on providing customers with a better level of environmentally friendly services at lower costs while improving employee safety and company efficiencies. With locations in every major oil play in the country, and several internationally, JCA Companies can meet or exceed the demands of its customers. More information is available at http://www.jcacompanies.com/


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