Colorado Springs Utilities Works with C-MOR Energy Services to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Increase Employee Safety

Colorado Springs Utilities (“Utilities”) has partnered with C-MOR Energy Services (“C-MOR”) to advance their commitment to energy efficiency, employee safety and reducing carbon emissions. The municipally owned utility provides electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater services to the Pikes Peak Region at competitive rates and has installed C-MOR’s Guardian Series light towers on its location sites as one of its responsible environmental practices.

“We are fortunate to work with a municipal utility that is truly committed to employee safety, reducing carbon emissions, and integrating new technologies to provide cost-effective services. It is a pleasure to work with a team committed not only to their people, but its’ customers” said C-MOR President Josh Allison.

C-MOR, a subsidiary of JCA Companies, provides revolutionary lighting products to the oil and gas industry and has expanded its reach into other industries.  C-MOR launched its newest lighting system, the GUARDIAN Series Gen3 Light Tower, in October 2020 to create a safer working environment for workers while cutting carbon emissions. Two GUARDIAN Series Gen3 Light Tower towers can save customers nearly $540,000 annually per location and operating C-MOR lights on six locations would result in a total reduction of approximately 42,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The portable and customizable Gen3 towers emit light over 150 yards in all directions, exceeding the light coverage of 12-14 standard diesel-powered light towers. Better lighting of the workplace reduces potential for employee slips, trips, and falls. It also eliminates potential for fuel spills, oil leaks or other environmental issues associated with standard diesel light towers.

The Multi-Patented Crown Jewel™ and C-MOR’s most recent product, the Guardian™ Gen 3 Lighting System have an important advantage over diesel powered light towers as they produce little to no greenhouse gases or noise. C-MOR’s Lighting Systems have significantly lower maintenance requirements in comparison to diesel powered lighting towers. Furthermore, C-MOR’s systems increase the use of alternative energy and also provide environmental benefits which result in lowered costs and safer worksites. The Crown Jewel™ reduces highway traffic by eliminating the need for delivery or pickup of Light Towers between locations, maintenance or the refueling of such.

Portable [diesel] lighting stations were in place for worker-safe foot traffic in the morning and evenings. Concerns were raised about overall site safety from intruders and theft of contractors and utility equipment since the area was so dark,” said James Towell, Colorado Springs Utilities Superintendent. “The installation of these [C-MOR] lights has allowed for use all night at a very low cost and decreased the stressors  felt by security for the site and the employees. Diesel towers are no longer needed in any of these areas.”

In addition to improvements in safety, the installation of C-MOR lights has increased Utilities’ energy efficiency. Utilities has been operating two C-MOR light towers for 12-14 hours per day, a substantial improvement from their previous five diesel-powered stations on location which could only be operated for five hours per day. Mr. Towell further explained the almost effortless functionality of the Gen3 lights: “Issues with transportation of fuel for refueling the [diesel] lights as well as the maintenance needed for filters and trouble with cold starts are eliminated with the light being on a simple switch that you can turn off and on.”


C-MOR’s Guardian Series Gen3 Light Tower casts light over the Martin Drake Power Plant, increasing employee safety and allowing maximum space for lay down and vehicle traffic.

Utilities initially installed two of C-MOR’s Gen3 lights to be tested on the Martin Drake Power Plant. The Drake plant, a staple of the downtown Colorado Springs community, has been in operation since 1925 and has transitioned from coal to natural gas. Mr. Towell’s team ran into several roadblocks using standard diesel towers on the plant: “Emissions are heavily regulated for power plants and even the temporary placement of diesel generators for light towers has issues with permitting on the site.” Being compliant with environmental regulations will be much easier for Utilities with the use of C-MOR light towers, as the Gen3’s emit little to no greenhouse gases or noise. After the success of the Gen3 towers on the Drake plant, Utilities took further interest in C-MOR’s recently developed truck-mounted lighting units. These lights drive down operating expenses and enhance safety measures when work crews service the community, especially in desolate areas.

The integration of C-MOR’s industry-leading lighting products into Colorado Springs Utilities’ vast technology portfolio means tangible progress will be made reaching goals set forth in its Sustainable Energy Plan. The plan is the foundation of Utilities’ “Energy Vision” and is at the forefront of the community’s transition to green energy. Environmental objectives in the plan include a commitment to reducing carbon emissions at least 80% by 2030 and 90% by 2050, and retiring all coal generation by 2030. The partnership with C-MOR comes at a time when environmental stewardship is paramount to customers, suppliers, and regulators.

Assimilating smart technology such as C-MOR lights in order to reach environmental targets while supplying competitively priced services will be a priority in Colorado Springs Utilities’ forward-thinking agenda. Residents of the Pikes Peak Region can rest assured knowing that Colorado Springs Utilities and C-MOR’s strategic partnership is lighting the way to a new energy landscape.

In discussing the additional benefits of C-MOR’s multi-patented products, JCA Companies President Josh Allison said, “While our patented products significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they also make sense from an economic standpoint as well. Our customers across all industries are realizing substantial economic savings, while helping to meet their ESG goals. When a customer can remove standard diesel operated light towers from a work site and replace it with our Guardian™ Gen 3 Lighting Systems or Crown Jewel™ they not only save time and money, but achieve superior overall site lighting, which enhances safety measures and lowers their carbon footprint.  This makes the switch to C-MOR’s lighting products desirable from safety, financial and environmental standpoints.”


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