Health & Safety Tips for Offshore Oil Rigs

Health & Safety Tips for Offshore Oil Rigs

Working on an offshore oil rig is a hazardous job. Injuries can occur even when workers follow strict safety protocols. These health and safety tips for offshore oil rigs will keep all employees safe and reduce the number of accidents and injuries on an oil rig.

Always Make Required Safety Equipment Available

Oil rigs need to have safety equipment available at all times to keep staff safe. Not stocking up on these items could result in employees sustaining severe injuries or worse for an employee.

  • Safety goggles
  • Steel boots
  • Fireproof clothing
  • Gloves
  • Hard hats

If you see a team member not wearing protective gear, do not let them enter the job site. Some may complain it feels uncomfortable, but safety outweighs comfort on oil rigs.

Regularly Train and Talk With Staff About Safety

Keep communication open about safety. Talk with your staff about ways to improve safety on the rig and allow them to share ideas. Keep the groups small to provide everyone with a space to talk.

Regularly send staff to safety training courses to ensure everyone stays updated on safety procedures. Doing so will drive home the importance of updating safety protocols.

Create a “Safety First” Mindset

All managers and supervisors should prioritize safety for the entire oil rig and instill a “safety first” mindset in all employees. Ensure everyone understands what to do in case of emergencies and accidents.

All staff should follow the rig’s strict guidelines to prevent hazards. If team members notice a rig manager cutting corners, they may follow suit. Slacking and taking shortcuts could lead to injuries or fatalities.

Have a Relationship With Local Emergency Personnel

Developing a relationship with local first responders will facilitate emergency responses. Converse with them about typical hazards and how they can efficiently respond and support your oil rig.

Take emergency personnel on a rig tour so they understand the layout. Highlight areas they’ll need to know during emergencies. All teams need to work together in case of an emergency.

Follow these health and safety tips for your offshore rig to ensure all staff remain safe. C-MOR Energy Services offers refinery LED lighting to ensure your rig is well-lit. All employees will benefit from a properly illuminated area.