How LED Lighting Can Improve Worker Efficiency in Oilfields

How LED Lighting Can Improve Worker Efficiency in Oilfields

Efficiency is critical in the oil and gas industry for three primary reasons: improved safety, improved productivity, and reduced costs.

Safety is always a concern on hazardous jobsites such as oilfields. Workers must perform an array of dangerous tasks for lengthy shifts. Oil platforms don’t sleep, so these tasks must be completed by day or by night. In addition, the nature of the job itself—drilling into the earth using heavy machinery—poses significant risk simply because of the vast unknowns each location poses.

Injuries caused by a lack of focus, downtime, lack of productivity, and sluggish performances cost the oil and gas industry excessive amounts of money. These factors—as well as fluctuating and plummeting oil prices—contribute to a major financial burden on oil and gas companies. An efficient workforce plays a major role in saving oil and gas companies an exorbitant amount of money.

Since efficiency is such an important element in oilfields, supervisors are continuously on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency on the job. One of the biggest and most practical ways to improve efficiency is through proper lighting—namely, LEDs. Read on to discover how LED lighting can improve worker efficiency in oilfields.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in the Oil and Gas Industry

LEDs are instant, reliable, and energy-efficient. Unlike incandescent or other bulbs, LEDs don’t need time to reach full brilliance—they pack a powerful punch right away. LEDs also save oilfields massive amounts of money in energy costs alone. Incandescent and other bulb types devour 80 percent more electricity than LEDs. The energy consumption and corresponding costs are colossal for areas as large as oilfields and their platforms—especially since they operate around the clock.

Better Sight, Better Productivity

When workers can see better, they perform better. Oil and gas companies will likely notice a decline in “wrench-time” caused by slowed performance, poor worksite preparation, and poor supervision. After all, workers who can’t see well can’t work well. Workers and supervisors tasked with preparing a new worksite will struggle to do so without adequate lighting. Additionally, supervisors can’t do their job if they can’t sufficiently see what’s happening on the oilfield.

Improved Planning

Another way in which LED lighting can improve worker efficiency in oilfields is by allowing supervisors to optimize planning. Supervisors must ensure workers understand their tasks to a T. In addition, supervisors must ensure workers have what they need to get their jobs done smoothly and efficiently. As such, part of this planning process includes making sure all areas are properly lit. LED fixtures such as drilling rig halo lights, floodlights, and tank lights are all excellent options.

Elevated Production

Every task on an oilfield is an important one, from importing and exporting materials from the oilfield to drilling and cleaning. In addition, each task requires adequate lighting. LEDs boost efficiency in the production process through their instant, dependable, and bright illumination.