How Mobility Is Modernizing Oil Field Services

How Mobility Is Modernizing Oil Field Services

Adaptation has been the name of the game for the oil field industry, with companies continually searching for ways to do the job safer and more efficiently. The tools used to manage field resources in oil field services seem to lag behind. Using mobility solutions can help bring these services into the 21st century. Let’s explore how mobility is modernizing oil field services.

Dark Ages for Too Long

Whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, and legacy applications have recently become unsustainable processes for tracking progress. These methods simply don’t work anymore.

Field resource management needs to utilize better practices to improve quality, visibility, and efficiency. Using the correct tool for the job means reduced workloads, streamlined processes, and enhanced field resource effectiveness.

Incorporating Mobility Solutions Into the Industry

Mobile devices are significant for adding mobile services. Administration can glance at a device and better support the business where needed. The mobility services must do more than simply connect field resources with the back office. The systems have to support business processes and target the needs of the field.

Focus on Mobility Solutions

The needs of oilfield services are incredibly diverse, and thinking one device will solve all issues isn’t the correct approach. These solutions need to work for a broad spectrum of users. Plus, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket when mobility solutions are rapidly evolving.

Who should have the mobile field devices? Field supervisors should undoubtedly have them. What about operators? Should field hands have them, as well?

Benefits of Mobility Solutions

The industry is learning to become more adaptable. With mobility solutions, users can connect to all resources seamlessly. Crew leaders can quickly send notifications to workers regarding when and where they are working, making it easier for them to manage employees.

Solutions become streamlined when workers are given mobile devices to interact with other users, call out, and clock in and out. It’s all about adopting more efficient ways to get the job done. Mobility services are modernizing oilfield services and providing the companies who utilize them with competitive advantages.


Mobile lighting towers modernized lighting in the industry, and mobile services will update the business end of your operations. If you’re going to incorporate mobility services into your field services, you need to pick the correct service. The right tools in the right hands will be a game changer in many areas, including scheduling, planning, and managing.