How To Choose a Light Tower for Your Oil Field

How To Choose a Light Tower for Your Oil Field

Light towers are vital to oil fields. They allow workers to avoid injury for tripping and falling when they need to work in the dark. With a good number of products available on the market, though, you might have trouble deciding on what specific light tower to go with. Find out how to choose a light tower for your oil field by weighing these factors.

Light Spread

Light spread is the characteristic that you should consider first and foremost. The light spread describes how effectively a light tower will brighten up its surroundings. A tower with a good light spread will not only make a wide area visible for oil workers, but will also minimize the casting of shadows. You want to avoid creating shadows as much as possible because they can deceptively hide hazards from sight even when the rest of the location appears safe. LED lightbulbs are preferable over halogen ones when it comes to light spread as well. The reason for this is that LEDs are brighter than halogen lights and last longer. They’ll also use up less energy, which is an added money-saving bonus.


Different jobsites will call for different setups. A light tower that is customizable will be more likely to fit precisely with your field, enabling you to maximize its illumination. Look for light towers that include several components that you can add or take out depending on what you want. These will allow you to have the installation crew adjust the configurations of the supporting platforms, the poles and tower bodies, and the lights themselves however you see fit. Whether you need greater height to allow the light to reach farther or a shorter height to concentrate brightness, you’ll be able to attain it.

Easy Installation

No matter how many impressive features a light tower has, if it isn’t easy to install, then it won’t be able to serve you well. Therefore, being aware of installation is a part of how to choose a light tower for your oil field. An ideal tower will not require substantial disassembly when the company you use brings it to your oil field. Instead, it should incorporate a foldable design that the provider can transport to you effortlessly. Upon arrival, the light tower company that you hire should also be able to set it up quickly. This will allow you to avoid slowdowns on your work that occur because you must wait for light tower-related delays.

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