Lighting Trends for Oil and Gas Drilling Sites

Lighting Trends for Oil and Gas Drilling Sites

A large part of preventing injuries on the oil field is having proper illumination. A lot of work takes place while the sky is dark, so lighting plays an integral role in the industry. However, while lighting is commonplace, the models that companies use aren’t always the most optimally designed. That’s why oilfield lighting providers continue to innovate to reach new levels of effectiveness with their products. Discover a couple of lighting trends for oil and gas drilling sites here that could help you.

More Effective Light Spread

The relatively short heights of some oil field lights mean that you need to use many of them on your job site. Even still, there are probably going to be sections that they don’t reach. Your workers will need to proceed with extra caution around those areas since they can’t see what’s there. Since this is a common problem, a trend for the next generation of oil field lights is creating more effective light spread. C-MOR’s Guardian™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower is a perfect example of this. It impressively emits light more than 150 yards in all directions. Our engineers also know how to position the light to minimize the casting of shadows. By taking advantage of this trend, oil companies don’t need to utilize as many lights while also making their job locations as safe as possible.

Environmental Friendliness

Achieving greater levels of environmental friendliness is another lighting trend for oil and gas drilling sites. It’s positive for the planet because it reduces the amount of energy consumption and pollution that oil companies may expend on lighting. At the same time, it directly helps oil businesses by lowering the financial costs of running lights. Again, if you look at the Guardian™ Series Gen 3 Light Tower, you’ll see this trend in action. After adding up the money needed for rent, transportation, gas, and maintenance, standard light towers end up costing about $1,627.05 per day in a single location. The Guardian™ starkly contrasts with this because its total costs—while accounting for all those factors—only amount to a mere $150 per day in one location. It plugs straight into rig power to reduce power usage and gives off less CO2 than traditional lights as well.

To reap the benefits of wider light spread and eco-friendly design with your lighting, get in touch with C-MOR Energy Services. We’ll provide you with effective and economic rental oilfield light towers that stand above other options in the industry.