Most Cited Safety Hazards for Oil and Gas Workers

Most Cited Safety Hazards for Oil and Gas Workers

Oil and gas provide energy all around the world. When it comes to oil and natural gas extraction and processing, oil rig workers must stay vigilant to avoid serious safety issues. OSHA lists a few of the most cited safety hazards for oil and gas workers that every rig manager must know about to keep their crews safe and avoid OSHA workplace violations.

Chemical Exposure

Oil and gas workers frequently expose themselves to various toxins and chemicals through daily tasks. While personal protection equipment mitigates these issues, they still constitute a major safety hazard for everyone involved. Drilling, separating, emulsion, desilting, and processing crude petroleum and natural gas exposes workers to respiratory disease and illness. All rigs must ensure prevention and minimization of the release of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals or risk an OSHA violation.

Environmental Hazards

Similarly, environmental hazards cause serious alarm for workers due to the prevalence of flammable and explosive vapors or gases. Well gases, vapors, and hydrogen sulfide are all flammable gases that risk the health and safety of rig sites. Various ignition sources, such as static electrical energy sources, open flames, lightning, cigarettes, power tools, and frictional heat, can ignite flammable hazards and cause a life-threatening explosion. Recognize, control, and mitigate these hazards as much as possible.

Falls and Onsite Injuries

Falls and onsite injuries are another type of the most cited safety hazards for oil and gas workers. Due to improper lighting, improper balance, unstable work conditions, or improperly maintained above-ground platforms and equipment, onsite injuries from falls, trips, and surface-level hazards occur. These safety risks can result in fatal consequences. Supervisors must conduct maintenance checks on all machinery and equipment to ensure their stability. Furthermore, OSHA’s fall protection and work surface protection guidelines help keep worksites accountable for any onsite injury.

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