Safety Tips for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

Safety Tips for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

Those who work in the oil and gas industry may come into contact with multiple job-related hazards. This can compound with the need for efficiency and the physical strain that the tasks on the oilfield require. As a result, it is of paramount importance to put measures in place that prioritize the well-being of all personnel there. Apply these safety tips for oil and gas industry workers for this purpose.

Train Workers Meticulously

Introducing new workers to the job with a meticulous training program can substantially reduce the occurrence of injuries from the start. In this initial phase, you may show them what personal protective equipment they’ll need to wear and how to secure tools, so they don’t cause accidents. You can also stress the importance of clearing away debris and cleaning up any substances that could lead to slipping or tripping.

Maintain Equipment and Signage

The large pieces of mechanical equipment and the signs that exist on the oil field need maintenance to fulfill their roles properly. For machinery, workers should conduct regular checks to spot possible problems before they grow and cause equipment to malfunction at inopportune moments. Making this into a rigid part of procedures can aid in preventing workers from skipping upkeep. Signage needs maintenance in a different sense. As situations change on the oilfield or signs experience physical and environmental forces, they may become unnoticeable or illegible. Having workers keep signage updated by ensuring it is in the correct position and clearly visible will stop mishaps.

Include Sufficient Onsite Lighting

Much of the work on an oilfield can occur in settings that are dark since operations may proceed before the sun rises and after it sets. This naturally increases the danger of tasks because workers can’t see well. Consequently, a safety tip for oil and gas industry workers is to include sufficient onsite lighting. This can come in many forms.

C-MOR offers several lighting solutions that will maximize safety on the job site. Our Crown Jewel™ is our premier system and is unlike any other in the business. It attaches to the top of an oil rig to provide central, brilliant illumination in all the spaces that need it the most. Through its lighting and the fact that it doesn’t create unnecessary clutter on the ground, the Crown Jewel makes it easier for workers to operate with the utmost caution. C-MOR also offers refinery LED lighting through its standard and mobile light towers so we can meet your needs perfectly, no matter what your preferences are. Call us today to find out more.