Steps Oil Companies Need To Reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Steps Oil Companies Need To Reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions can affect the oil and gas industry in a series of problematic ways. From reducing the safety around some of the equipment to raising costs, they’re just as bad for you as they are for the environment. Because of this, businesses across the globe are doing what they can to cut this pollution and raise overall efficiency. These are some important steps oil companies need to reach net zero carbon emissions.

Identify Your Current Carbon Emissions

The first step on your road to lowered emissions is to understand how much you’re currently producing. Drilling machines and fluorescent lighting appliances all generate carbon emissions as they run, and tracking your largest contributors is the key to making a change. So, taking the time to monitor exactly how much you produce in a given day, week, or year, is the perfect way to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Incorporate New Technology

Based on the data you obtain, you can incorporate new technology into your business practices to help reduce the number of emissions your company produces. AI, or artificial intelligence, technology has been a great help in this process. These tools allow you to conduct live analysis of your carbon emissions as well as perform predictive monitoring given your current business practices.

Quality oil field lighting from C-MOR Energy Services is an investment to consider, too. Equipped with long-lasting LED lightbulbs and durable, non-conductive fixtures, these systems provide all the light your team needs with none of the drawbacks of fluorescent models. Additionally, LED bulbs don’t use the same chemicals as fluorescent varieties, allowing them to produce zero emissions while in operation.

Change Contributing Company Procedures

Another thing you can do to reduce carbon emissions is to adjust your company procedures to promote less intense operation. Some examples include turning off your equipment rather than letting it run idle or only turning on your field lights during certain times of day. Better controlling when these devices run helps limit the amount of time for them to produce emissions, which can cut them greatly with little effort on your part.

Monitor Emissions and Repeat

Most importantly though, you should continue monitoring your carbon emissions in the future and making the necessary changes. This allows you to slowly decrease your contribution over time and incorporate additional technologies into your business growth.

Here, we’ve listed several steps oil companies need to reach net zero carbon emissions and a few resources to help you achieve this goal. Since the oil and gas industry is a heavy contributor to this pollution, any change you make can have a large impact. So, don’t wait! Start your journey to sustainability and efficiency today!