The 5 Most Productive Oil Fields in the USA

The 5 Most Productive Oil Fields in the USA

Massive changes have occurred in the oil industry over the last few years. Developments in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have put new oil fields on the map. Areas that weren’t even in the top 100 just 10 years ago have skyrocketed to a spot in the top 10. Learning about the top five most productive oil fields in the USA will help you put the numbers into perspective. It’s mindboggling to see how much oil each of these sites produces.

Eagleville, TX

The Eagleville oil field was founded in 2009, so its history is relatively short. For this reason, the numbers are staggering. As of 2015, the Eagleville oil field produced 238 million barrels of oil. According to the US Energy Information Administration, this number is by far the largest in the United States. The oil field expands over 14 counties.

Spraberry, TX

The Spraberry oil field spans over six counties and is about 2,500 square miles. The Spraberry oil field has a unique history. In the beginning, workers and investors had little luck producing oil at the site. It wasn’t until people embraced new techniques, like hydraulic fracturing, that they began to see success. As of 2015, the Spraberry oil field produced 99 million barrels of oil—this number is about .28 percent of the country’s overall production.

Wattenberg, CO

The oil field in Wattenberg, CO, produced 47 million barrels of oil in 2015. Drilling began in 1970, and workers developed new techniques as the decades passed. One method people used was hydraulic fracturing. Over 23,000 wells now exist in Wattenberg because of this technique.

Prudhoe, AK

The Prudhoe oil field in Alaska is the largest in North America. The field expands over 215,000 acres, and the amount of available oil is more than double other sites. A gas flair in December of 1967 broke the cycle of fruitless years without oil. Many companies, like BP, noticed the opportunities that Prudhoe had to offer. The Prudhoe oil field produced 78 million barrels in 2015.

Briscoe Ranch (Eagle Ford Shale), TX

You didn’t think we were done with Texas, did you? The Briscoe Ranch (Eagle Ford Shale) oil field in Texas produces about 62 million barrels of oil every year. Briscoe Ridge is just one of the many oil fields located in the Eagle Ford Shale.

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