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The Silicon Review: An Interview with Joshua C. Allison, JCA Companies CEO

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An Interview with Joshua C. Allison, JCA Companies CEO: ‘We Provide a Broad Range of Specialties that Offer Integrated Services’


“We are problem solvers who work with our customers collaboratively – to find solutions. From our team in the boardroom to the ones in the field, we are committed to getting the job done right.”

Harnessing new technologies will boost oilfield safety and efficiency –mandates that are especially important for oil and gas players globally.

JCA Companies is known for the highest level of service it provides in the oil and gas industry – to allow its customers to maintain and operate their business as efficiently and safely as possible. The relationships JCA builds with its customers are its most valuable asset. It doesn’t strive to be the biggest service company, but the best.

The integration of Cascade, C-MOR, and Titan Casing (JCA Companies subsidiaries) has created a full-service operation leading the industry in a broad range of services at lower costs and superior quality. Together these companies offer oilfield construction, welding, casing, pick up and laydown services, clean and drift, CRT, equipment rental, revolutionary lighting solutions, logistics, equipment hauling and more.

JCA Companies and its subsidiaries are headquartered in Cody Wyoming.

Joshua C. Allison, JCA Companies CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt. 

Q. Why was the company set up? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years?

I saw a lack of quality and service with regard to service companies in the oilfield. I admire the industry I am in, because it’s truly a “You get what you pay” type business. Savvy customers I work with know that cheapest isn’t always better and they can save a lot more money in the long run by focusing on companies that provide a better level of service. In doing so I sought out the best employees and paid them top dollar to provide the type of service that meets the JCA brand.

I expanded really out of necessity due to the downturn in the oil and gas market. In order to survive and compete we had to diversify and learn to expand our focus. When the market corrected, customers remained loyal and we were able to grow significantly.

Q. What challenges did you face in your initial years?

External Economic factors such as oil prices dropping to their lowest level since the 1980s – were challenging. We lost a lot of work and had to lower our prices and become a leaner, more streamlined organization.

We began to offer a wider variety of services and continued to focus on customer service. However, this made us scrappier and stronger and in long run. We found ways to do more with less and really band together as a company.

Q. Building a culture of sustainability inside an organization is very important to maintain reputation in the global market. How is it true with your company?

Most of the people who I work with know we are a commodity-based business, so sustainability is most often impossible. However, we have learned how to adapt to changing market conditions, and actually search for opportunities during these cycles. I don’t hire employees; I hire entrepreneurs who have a common goal. We are proud of what we have accomplished and our potential.

Q. Is it true that striving for both ‘ethics and success’ in a business is a tough feat?

No. I learned very early on that if you sacrifice your morals or integrity it comes back to haunt you. When it’s all said and done you have to answer to somebody more important than anything in this lifetime. What is success if you didn’t earn it honorably?!

Q. ‘Leaders cannot optimize results by themselves; they need employees’ support and assistance.’ How does your company interpret this saying?

Our people are the foundation of JCA Companies. I think if you don’t hire people smarter than you and give them some reins; it’s very tough to succeed. I credit all my success to the people that work with me.

Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

I see the people who work with me doing incredible things. We are group of innovative entrepreneurs who stay awake at night thinking of new creative, profitable ideas that will change the nature of the game.

Joshua C. Allison: A Brief Background

Joshua C. Allison engages in a multitude of business ventures located throughout the United States. Most notable include, JCA Companies-C-MOR Energy Services, formally (C&M Oil Field Rentals), Cascade Services, LLC, Titan Casing, LLC, JCA Consulting, LLC, and JCA Rentals, LLC.

Mr. Allison’s primary business interests are focused in the Oil and Gas industry throughout the US, working in every major oil play in the country. His Corporate Headquarters and primary manufacturing facility are located in Cody, WY with additional offices/facilities in Gillette, WY, Pinedale, WY, Evans, CO, Watford City, ND, Stanley, ND and Midland, TX.

Additionally, Mr. Allison is an active investor and developer of commercial real estate; specifically, office, retail, multi-family, industrial, and residential properties throughout the country which targets value-add and income producing assets with strong underlying fundamentals. Currently, he holds ownership interest in over 200,000 square feet of commercial real estate nationwide.

Mr. Allison has extensive experience appraising and consulting of office, land, industrial, retail, multi-family, healthcare and special purpose properties throughout the country and was a licensed appraiser in over 40 states. He has worked closely with some of the world’s largest Pension Funds, Investment Advisory Firms and REIT’s valuing and consulting on billions of dollars in multi-property portfolios and investment grade assets worldwide. Prior to the aforementioned, he served as an Economist for Integrated Utilities Group, an analyst for Morgan Stanley and A.G. Edwards (now Stifel Nicolaus), and gained additional financial experience on Wall Street. While holding a Series 65 as a Registered Investment Advisor, he worked with a boutique fund, specializing in Fixed Income Securities creating cash flow driven investment portfolios with a primary focus on Mortgage-Backed Securities and structural loan-level analysis to select investments.

Mr. Allison has been interviewed by several news agencies and media outlets, most recently NBC News/ MSNBC regarding steel tariffs and their impact on the oil and gas industry. His companies have been featured on news outlets such as Fox, CBS, ABC, Yahoo Finance, Denver Business Journal, Austin, Business Journal, Dallas Business Journal, Houston Business Journal, Market Watch, Benzinga, Boston Herald, BOE Report, Market Edge, in addition to several others. He has been interviewed and consulted with the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA), The Texas Rail Road Commission, and a number of other oil and gas and commercial real estate originations. He has served as an Expert Witness in several cases throughout the US and has provided consulting services to cities regarding planning and revitalization for smart growth.

Mr. Allison holds a BSBA with a concentration in Finance and Real Estate from Denver University. In addition, he studied at American Intercontinental University in London, England and Wesleyan University.

“I have never had a company fabricate and engineer the type of equipment that fits our needs on the tricky locations we have faced in North Dakota. If JCA Companies didn’t have something that met our requirements, it would have been difficult for us.”

– Drilling Consultant, Whiting Oil and Gas (JCA Companies client)