The Top Safety Hazards in Oil & Gas Extraction

The Top Safety Hazards in Oil & Gas Extraction

Office jobs aren’t for everybody. Some people enjoy experiencing thrills when they work. That’s one of the reasons why the oil and gas industry is booming. These workers love being outside and doing something different every day. However, that doesn’t mean that aren’t risks associated with the profession. Here are the top safety hazards in oil & gas extraction for those who think this career path is the one for them.

Explosions and Fires

Oil and gas workers see a lot of fires on the job. Primarily, this is because they’re dealing with harsh chemicals that combust when they interact with other substances. For this reason, employees must be laser-focused on their job. The tiniest mistake can create an accidental explosion. People should also wear fire-resistant equipment to minimize the risk of burns in case of a fire.


Falling is one of the top safety hazards in oil & gas extraction. People in this field constantly interact with hanging wires, climb ladders, and sit in cranes. As a result, it’s common for workers in this industry to fall down a lot. Staff members must wear equipment to protect them in case they fall, and helmets are essential.

Compact Spaces

Oil and gas workers don’t have much space to extract the materials they need. They frequently work in cramped spaces. These jobs will be easier to complete when workers have the proper equipment. For example, mobile lighting towers are essential when people are working in a tiny area. These items can provide light where it’s needed the most, and their mobility means they can be used throughout an entire worksite.

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