Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency in Oil and Gas Production

Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency in Oil and Gas Production

Attaining greater energy efficiency in your oil and gas operation is important because it minimizes the negative effect you have on the environment. It also helps you save funds because you only use machinery proficiently and when it’s absolutely needed. We present three ways to improve energy efficiency in oil and gas production so you can reap these benefits.

Reduce Flaring and Venting

Flaring and venting is, by its very nature, a wasteful process because you release and burn natural gas given off while extracting oil. This gas goes straight into the atmosphere without ever serving a purpose and contributes to the oil and gas industry’s overall greenhouse emissions. Instead of flaring and venting, you can develop systems to collect the gas and transfer it or sell it to facilities that can liquefy it for later use. Power plants may also be able to utilize natural gas to generate electricity.

Change Processes with Technology

Technology can help you track your processes and streamline them to improve energy efficiency in oil and gas production. For example, you can use a data management system to quantify exactly how much you’re producing each day and make communication between different people within your company easier. This kind of system may help you figure out where you can make changes to your procedures to save energy. You could also invest in technology development for things such as carbon capture and sequestration that seek to divert carbon dioxide emissions away from the air.

Use Better Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment can use up a lot of unnecessary power when it’s outdated. However, if you use more advanced lighting systems, you can immediately make a difference in your energy consumption. The patented Crown Jewel Light™ system that C-MOR offers has combustion-proof high-efficiency lights and plugs right into the oil rig’s power. This means it doesn’t require an external generator, reducing its energy needs. Our Crown Light™ is a much more efficient option when compared to a typical light, which will burn through 12 to 15 gallons of diesel fuel in a single night. Its unique design reduces its CO2 emissions and has zero spill potential as well. On top of all this, the Crown Light™ is much lighter than average light systems, making it less fuel-intensive to transport.

Switch over to superior oil rig lighting for better energy efficiency on your oil and gas jobsite by calling C-MOR Energy Services.