What It’s Like to Be an Oilfield Camp Worker

What It’s Like to Be an Oilfield Camp Worker

Oilfield work isn’t for the faint of heart. The job requires a tremendous amount of physical strength and mental perseverance. Once people comprehend what it’s like to be an oilfield camp worker, they’ll be thankful for their 9-5 desk job.


Oilfield workers must be physically strong to perform their job. Oilfield staff members dip down to confined spaces and drill through tough materials. They should be comfortable spending lots of time in small areas. They must be able to handle heavy-duty machinery to complete tasks. People won’t make it in the oil industry if they don’t have the right physicality to do the job.

Harsh Weather Conditions

People in the oil profession don’t get days off for inclement weather. They must acquire the materials they need, no matter what’s going on outside. For this reason, teams must get the right gear to protect themselves in harsh weather conditions. Individuals will need durable gloves with excellent grips if they’re thinking of joining the field. Strong boots, a hat, and non-loose clothing are all staples aspiring oilfield workers need in their closets.

The Act of Drilling

Drilling is a major component of working on an oilfield. Again, staff members must be able to handle heavy-duty equipment. They must also be comfortable in confined spaces for long periods. Extracting oil isn’t a simple task. Workers need to pack their patience when beginning a project. Want-to-be oil workers should understand the perils of the job. Since the work is susceptible to harsh weather conditions and malfunctioning equipment, there’s little control at the site. People should prepare themselves for whatever surprises come their way.

This article has presented an understanding of what it’s like to be an oilfield camp worker. The job is very stressful because it’s dependent on many external factors. Luckily, companies like C-MOR Energy Services want to help alleviate as much stress as we can. We offer helpful equipment, such as drilling rig halo lights, that make it easier for workers to see what they’re doing. We want to keep people safe while they’re doing their job.