Working Toward Energy Efficiency in the Oilfields

Working Toward Energy Efficiency in the Oilfields

It’s in the best interest of oilfields to be as energy-efficient as possible. Not only is it a core component of environmentalism, but it also saves money. Energy efficiency will reduce costs throughout the entire supply chain. The less energy you can use in your day-to-day operations, the better it will be for your efficiency. You can think of it as turning off lights in your house that you aren’t using to save money on your electricity bill. But instead of turning off lights, you’ll be using data acquisition and management. Here’s how companies are working towards energy efficiency in the oilfields.

Look Into Metering

There’s a good chance that you’re wasting energy on metering. If you employ traditional metering techniques, you could be wasting quite a bit of energy. That’s because having separate HMI’s in both the metering and DCS systems is redundant. As a result, you end up wasting energy and being inefficient. Make sure you install meters with all the proper documentation and maintenance schedules. That will go a long way in improving your flow rate metering.

Improve Drilling Techniques

Over the years, there have been many advances in seismic surveying and analysis. Drilling techniques have also seen some innovations. For drilling, many companies increased their use of:

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Horizontal drilling

These two techniques have improved production rates in the oil and gas industries. Even while fewer wells get drilled, the increased productivity has made up for it.

Install Crown Jewel Drilling Rig Lights

At C-Mor, we’re renowned for our oil rig lights. Our Crown Jewel lights are customizable lighting rigs that mount to your rig. They feature fantastic safety features. Not only that, but they will drastically cut down on your lighting costs, thereby improving energy efficiency. It’s also a green technology that will reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Data Acquisition and Management

Centralized data management systems have revolutionized oilfields. They increase energy efficiency, as well as enable entire teams to share data and insights easily. These systems will also delete duplicate data, which further increases energy efficiency.

These smart systems allow you to:

  • Observe daily production
  • View failure analyses
  • Export propriety production and well data
  • Streamline operational decisions

As you can see, centralized data systems have added many benefits to oilfields—that’s how the industry is working toward energy efficiency in the oilfields. As time goes on, we’re sure to see more innovations in making oil and gas operations more efficient and environmentally safe.